Nevernaire Stomping Ground is about Shining light on the talent in the Shadows. 

Nevernaire Blog and Crystallized Beats podcast are platforms that I have created to show case the talented Indie artists that you’ve never heard of before.

Indie artists need a place like Nevernaire Stomping Ground. A place where they can make a name for themselves and get their start. Somewhere they can get their music in front of a new audience and have it appreciated and shared. 

These artists are all people that I have found on Instagram or Facebook, or through mutual friends made in this network. This isn’t about big names. They have the entire internet. This is a place for artists that I believe are going to be big names themselves one day. 

Now accepting applications for Interns for social media promotion. Please email Crystal at

To be considered for a feature on Nevernaire blog and Crystallized Beats podcast, SUBMIT YOUR LINKS FOR REVIEW