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What do you get when clever lyricism, vibrant production and the voice of an angel come together in perfect harmony? The answer: Izzy Camina’s EP Nihilist in the Club.  

Los Angeles born, New Jersey raised Izzy Camina has been marching to the beat of her own drum for a while now. As a teenager, she was listening to Mobb Deep. In university, she taught herself how to use Ableton. As a young adult, she left university for London to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. Now 26, Camina has amassed quite an audience, and for all the right reasons: she is immensely talented, and just as original.

Camina, like many aspiring artists, began posting covers and original demos to her SoundCloud while she still attended college in the US. At the time, a majority of her audience on Soundcloud was from the UK, which she thinks, according to an interview with Loud and Quiet, was because her profile picture was taken at the Brighton Pier. Among her UK audience was an A&R from a music company in London. They reached out to her, and soon enough she was in London.

During Camina’s three years in London, she independently released her first EP Battle Royale (which now only exists on her SoundCloud) under the name ISADORA, worked at a restaurant to support herself, and continued to fine tune her sound. At the same time, she was adjusting to London’s social scene, collecting the experiences needed to inspire new music. 

Among these experiences were interactions and conversations with what she called, according to an interview with NME, “manic, pixie dream boys”. As someone from northern New Jersey, Camina wasn’t used to this type of male. In the same article, she says, “Moving to East London, it’s a smorgasbord of these arty boys. And under the façade of being a sensitive, trendy, arty boy, there’s still so much shittiness, there’s still so much misogyny. Especially being a female producer”. The anger, frustration and shock that came from these interactions set the foundation for her clever masterpiece “Kill Your Local Indie Softboy”.

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