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Hey guys what’s up? Thanks for tuning to the first episode of season two of Crystallized Beats podcast. Super excited to introduce you to Brazy Luca and her track “Freak like me – remix”.

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“Brazy may be a “freak” but she is a mom first. She puts in work with her kids at their schools and around the community. She says that your community is what is going to help raise you to that next level, and if you’re not helping the community then what are you doing?”

“Brazy’s music has a hint of today’s modern female Hip hop and what it has evolved into, but with a much needed mix of early 00’s maybe even late 90’s sound.

Her song “Splash” is reminiscent of an Adina Howard track with more modern lyrics and beats. Splash is quickly becoming a hit that people of all kinds are getting behind.”


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