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Interview with Ced Gee 2021

Ced Gee – The OG sampler of the samples

Crystal: Hey guys, what’s up? I have a killer treat for you tonight! Tonight’s guests is hip hop icon Ced Gee! Thanks so much for being on the show.

All right. So, I need to say to anyone that doesn’t know that that Ced Gee is a pioneer. You were the first one to start like chopping up samples. And, I just want to know how you would say you’ve progressed since then and how you’ve kept it so fresh.

Ced Gee: I wouldn’t say chopping up samples. I was the first one using chopped up samples, uh, with extra things on them. Like for example, there’s some, sometimes on a lot of the old records, they will send you a snare drum with a guitar note. Like, so a lot of engineers would say, oh, we can’t sample that. That has music on it. And I would say, “no, we can sample it.”

And you know, so that was the first, like the chop up in little sections then, you know, then Primo came along and he took it. He started chopping up longer sections so both innovators in the form of chopping. Yeah.

Ced Gee – New Music

Crystal: So, I know you just put out pretty recently, Delta five, that’s the latest project that you released, right?

Ced Gee Delta 5

Ced Gee: Yeah.

Crystal: What are you working on now? 

Ced Gee: Uh, oh, a lot of things, but the whole thing with me is more so than the music is getting the business end right. Cause like today everybody’s just doing things and there isn’t a real foundation. So, you know, you have to set it up correctly. If you’re going to really have a shot at any type of a success, especially now with the over-saturation of the whole, uh, I can’t even call it the “industry”.

Crystal: Right. Well, you would know because you’ve been doing this for successfully for quite a while. So, you’re definitely one to listen to. So, I spoke with Kool Keith last week for a couple hours and we spoke about him recording with you on Delta five. And it sounds like it’s a ton of fun, you know, still for you guys recording. Do you think that, you know, maybe sometime in the future we’ll see an UltraMagnetic MCs reunion thing?

Ced Gee: possibly. Yeah.

Crystal: Do you think it might involve Rahzel?

Ced Gee: Yeah Rahzel.I remember, uh, when he first got on stage, we were like, “No, someone else is behind the stage. Yeah. Nobody else is here right?

Crystal: I know. It’s crazy what he can do. So, I’m a big, big, big Rahzel fan too. So, it was super nice for you to stop by and you know, those are the basic questions I wanted to ask you. I’m gonna write the article about you. I’ll send you the link and stuff. It’s going to be pretty dope. I have a lot to say so I’ll have it out tonight, man.

Ced Gee: Thanks a lot. You too. Bye.

Kool Keith

All right guys. So that was said G from the Ultramagnetic MCs and he’s got a killer solo career too. He’s a great producer. Make sure that you check out his artist profile on Nevernaire blog so that you can get the links to all of his music and his social media. Sorry. The interview is so short, but he is really busy and I’m just super psyched to have spoken to him in the first place. So, I hope you enjoyed it.

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