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Ced Gee – The original sampler of the samples

Hey guys what’s up? I have a killer surprise for you tonight! My guest is a Hip hop ICON, a pioneer and a super ill producer. It’s Ced Gee of the UltraMagnetic Mc’s!

I first discovered UltraMagnetic MC’s when I was about fifteen years old. I was really into Rahzel and the Roots and I started to get into Kool Keith. Well Dr. Octagon to be exact. Dr. Octagontologist came out and I was like whoa what is this?! I grew up mostly listening to punk, alternative and hardcore with my brother and I was just getting introduced to Hip hop. I fell in love with Kool Keith and started digging. That’s when I found the album “The Four Horsemen” by UltraMagnetic MC’s. I heard “Checkin’ my style” and I was hooked.

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