You are currently viewing KOTC – Thinking of you issa King thing – Season 2 Episode 5

KOTC – Thinking of you issa King thing – Season 2 Episode 5


Tonight’s featured artists are The Kings of the Coast AKA KOTC out of Costa Mesa, CA.
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The group is made up of three Emcees – Cassette, L. Profit and Dartanyon and they have done something that I think is pretty incredible. They just produced an album in ONE DAY! Ya dude, ONE DAY!
Tonight we listen to “Think of you” and “Issa King Thing” and I talk to Cassette and L. Profit about making ONE DAY
They prepped the beats and then they decided to produce the rest of the album in one day and they succeeded and it is great! It came out very professional. I don’t listen to the radio, but I will admit that I often listen to Travis Scott radio on Amazon music and their music reminds me of something that I would hear on that station.

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