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The Larry Love Experience

Season 2 Eps.22

The Larry Love Experience

Hi guys, what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is Larry Love out of Michigan and I’m going to tell you all about my Larry Love Experience! Larry Love is a magnetic MF. He has a great personality and style and his music is great too!

larry love

He is all about telling you a story. All of his music to date is telling you a story that he embellishes on as he goes.

He also makes his music in a way that you can experience the growth with him and witness the change for the better. He just released “The Love/ Hate Letter”. And he has left it unfinished.


Just Cauz – Inception and the stolen burger

Crystallized Beats Underground Hip hop

Crystallized Beats Underground Hip hop podcast is all about shining the light on the talent in the shadows. Although most of the artists on this podcast will be people that you have never heard of before, give them a chance and you will find some amazing talent!

These are all artists that I have found through Instagram hashtag searches and in Facebook groups.

I am always looking for talented artists to feature on the blog and the podcast. If you are interested in being on the podcast and submitting your music for review, please click HERE.

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