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NoFame – The commands of our depression

Tonight’s featured artist is NoFame out of MArietta, GA. We listen to two of his tracks “Drained” and “Parasite” as well as an interview about his music and outlook on Hip hop.

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NoFame started producing in 2017 and has been adding to his studio over the years and it sounds pretty hype. He started rapping in 2018 and has been producing tracks since then.

Being a big XXXtentacion fan, just like me, he says that if he had his choice of any artist that he could have collaborated with, it would have been him.

NoFame – The Music

He is a Violinist and plays the Ukelele. An artist and true musician with the ability to produce tracks with a deft ear as well as play instruments.

His music style is inspired by many genres and outside elements like Anime. He’s into more than just Hip hop. He likes a lot of Punk, Rock and metal as well.

The track “Parasite” is so melodic and beautiful. With sad, thoughtful lyrics and the perfect instrumental. His vocal style is very addictive. I have listened to “Parasite” many times today.

Then, there is “Life Hurts”. This is an unfinished track on his SoundCloud. This song bought up all kinds of feelings. He’s so poetic. I am a sucker for a good lyricist.

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