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PFace – The Renegade

Season 2 Eps. 25 PFace


Hey what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is PFace representing Columbia Point, Boston – right around my neck of the woods! He spent his early years hustling on the streets of Boston.

After finding music, he started volunteering his free time to coach and mentor the youth in his community. Using his music as a motivator, he was able to give back to the community that raised him.

PFace is associated with a whole gang of people that I have featured recently including Just Cauz and Flex45. They are all featured on the Nevernaire Music page and you should check them out!

He grew up in Boston in Columbia Point and bounced back and forth to Chelsea – which is where I’m from. He’s really old school about promo, so it’s not likely you will find much of his music online.


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